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La criptovaluta Blocktix, nota anche come TIX, ha un prezzo di 0,02€ oggi e una capitalizzazione di mercato di 1.232.570€, pari al 0,00% del totale. Blocktix ha un totale di 62.500.000 monete in circolazione.

Nelle ultime 24 ore, il prezzo del Blocktix è aumentato di 0,0013€, pari al 7,32% della sua valutazione.

Cos'è Blocktix?

Blocktix is a decentralized platform built for ticket sales and event promotion, a decentralized ticket distribution network facilitating the process for event organizers and fans alike. The system is built on Ethereum smart contracts, allowing users  to verify the validity tickets for a given event, putting an end to the growing counterfeit grey economy.

Blocktix provides a user-friendly interface for the execution of smart contracts, bringing its advanced capabilities to the masses with an intuitive application. This approach reduces the complexity of the interaction with smart contracts and provides an additional layer of security minimizing the possibility of fraud or malicious third party interference with the application due to the standardization of contracts.

TIX is an Ethereum-based token that grants several benefits to its holders within the Blocktix system. By participating in the event verification process, the token holder will receive a reward. The initial reward will be the TIX that is used to back the event. Users will also be able to purchase advertising rights for an event. These funds will be distributed to all tokens holders who took part in the event verification process, proportional to the amount of tokens they own.

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Prezzo in BTC 0.00000556 BTC
Corrente Di Alimentazione 62.500.000 TIX
Totale Fornitura 62.500.000 TIX
Capitalizzazione 1.232.570
24h Volume (moneta) 0 TIX
24h Volume (moneta) 0
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